glass shower door
glass shower door

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Established back in 1976, Borter Glass is now approaching its 39th year in Tampa. Borter Glass is a family owned business that provides quality glass service and exceptional customer service to its community members in and around Tampa. We give each individual customer our full attention and work with you in a close, collaborative effort to repair your glass and have it look good as new, or to install new glass to fit your artistic and functional vision. We are able to match or exceed every client’s expectations because we are a customer-centered; we’re not an impersonal, big order type of shop.


a V片 免费A 毛片 A级VWe are proud to have received various awards for our talents, and have taken home the local “Best of the Bay” award for several years for outstanding glass shower door projects.


When the experts at Borter Glassa V片 免费A 毛片 A级V get to work on your home, office or business, you’ll find we have tons of different types of glass to choose from. We have glass machinery on-site in one of the most modern glass facilities in the Bay area.


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Borter Glass

a V片 免费A 毛片 A级V9502 N. Nebraska Ave

a V片 免费A 毛片 A级VTampa, FL 33612


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a V片 免费A 毛片 A级VM-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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